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The Estates at Moss Hollow

Barnhart, MO

The Estates at Moss Hollow is a G’Sell Homes residential development located in Barnhart, MO just ¼ mile south of Highway M on Moss Hollow Road. This 40 acre site will have 94 homes sites. R&K Excavation will move 65,000 cubic yards of dirt, and blast and move 60,000 cubic yards of rock. Storm water sewers, sanitary sewers, and water will be installed by R&K Excavation. R&K Excavation will also be responsible for the installation of the bridge needed to cross Moss Hollow Creek in order to access the development.

United St. Louis Academy

Eureka, MO

R&K Excavation was contracted by ATG Sports for a commercial development in Eureka, MO. ATG provided R&K the needed SF to build their client the soccer park of his dreams. From there we provided the team a site plan to build on. R&K Excavation’s scope includes design, clearing/grubbing, drilling/blasting, mass excavation, finish grading and site utilities.

Wellington Place


R&K Excavation was contracted by Tinnin Homes in Festus, MO for a residential development, Wellington Place. R&K Excavations scope of work includes clearing and grinding, drilling/blasting, mass excavation, finish grading and site utilities. This project had unique challenges when it came to the blasting due to the close proximity of existing homes. R&K and Austin Powder Company put together a safe plan and executed with no issues whatsoever.

Creve Coeur Soccer Park

Creve Coeur, MO

R&K Excavation was contracted by ATG/Paric to perform the sewer and water scope for the new $13,000,000 state of the art soccer facility in Creve Coeur, MO.

Old Castle – APAC

Kansas city

R&K Excavation was chosen at the contractor by Old Castle Materials-APAC to perform drilling and overburden removal scope at locations in the KC area.


Paul Vance Fredericktown Regional Airport

Fredericktown, MO

R&K Excavation was hired as a subcontractor to perform the soil stabilization scope of work on the runway renovations at Paul Vance Fredericktown Regional Airport in Fredericktown, MO. R&K incorporated a CODE L product in the soil with their Wirtgen 2400.


Pevely, MO

R&K Excavation was the low, qualified bidder on a water/sewer project in Pevely, MO. We installed 10” watermain and 8” sewer main to supply a new commercial development. Scope of work included clearing and excavating a trench that ran parallel to high voltage power lines. It was a team effort that involved a clear/safe plan, great concentration and communication and a team safety effort to perform this project and complete 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Arlington Heights

Imperial, MO

R&K Excavation had the privilege of preparing the site for Phase 1 of Arlington Heights subdivision for Rowles Homes. This residential development is located in Imperial, MO. Phase 1 of the project was 176 lots and we performed the mass excavation all the site utilities. The package also included multiple bores and additional water and sewer lines that were offsite and had needed to be extended to service the new development.

University of Arkansas

Fayetteville, Arkansas

In summer of 2017 our athletic construction team was in Fayetteville, Arkansas performing the base work for Mitchell Field Intramural Facility at the University of Arkansas. The facility consisted of 304,000 SF (6.97 acres) of artificial turf fields. R&K scope of work consisted soil stabilization, finish grading subgrade (+/- .50”), underground infrastructure, concrete curbing and base rock installation. Our aggressive scheduling and coordination with the General Contractor allowed us to successfully finish the project ahead of schedule. Quantities listed below:

• 304,000 SF

• 33,594 SY Soil Stabilization

• 2,513’ Concrete Curbing

• 1,700’ Storm Sewers

• 25,000 ton of rock installation installed to (0.25”) tolerance



R&K Excavation completed the demolition and removal of structures at the site of a retired golf course. Clearing, grubbing and grinding of trees and underbrush took place. This project required rock drilling and blasting of 216,000+ cubic yards of material, mass excavation and placement of 357,000+ cubic yards of material, the installation of 13,900+ linear feet of storm drain and the installation of water and sanitary sewer pipe. This project included grading and excavation of the out-lots. A turn lane was also constructed for the new intersection installed on MO Hwy. 21. The turn lane required removal of a soft shoulder and installation of the turn lane and shoulder. The intersection and highway portion of this project was completed while traffic remained open. Despite the demanding schedule, we were able to complete the project on time and without error.

Lion’s Den – Road Reconstruction – Completed in 2006

Imperial, MO

R&K Excavation completed rock drilling and blasting services for this project. Pre-slit drilling and blasting of 17,000+ drill feet took place, and 118,000+ cubic yards of excavation material were generated. This project was completed while the roadway remained open to traffic.

Seckman – Road Reconstruction – Completed in 2006

Imperial, MO

R&K Excavation completed rock drilling and blasting services for this project. This required pre-split drilling and blasting and we generated 32,000+ cubic yards of excavation material. Thanks to our pre-planning and hardworking employees, we kept the roadway open to traffic while we completed the project.

Castle Heights


R&K Excavation installed 35,000+ linear feet of storm drain, sanitary sewer and water pipe at the Imperial, Missouri, residential site. We also completed rock drilling and blasting of 178,000+ cubic yards of material. This is included in the 346,000+ cubic yards of material we excavated and placed during the summer of 2006. This project included the construction of a "boulder" wall of 500+ feet.

Hawks Pointe


R&K Excavation completed phase one of the Hillsboro, Missouri, residential site. Phase one included clearing, grubbing and grinding of 70 acres of trees and underbrush. Mass excavation and placement of 406,000+ cubic yards of material are finished. Rock drilling and blasting for material and utilities are complete. Phase two of Hawks Pointe has been brought to rough grade and storm drain, water and sanitary sewer pipe have been installed. On the Hawks Landing project, which adjoins Hawks Pointe, R&K Excavation has completed clearing, grubbing and grinding operations.

Three Rivers Quarry


R&K Excavation was awarded the contract for the Martin Marietta Aggregates, Three Rivers Quarry expansion project. Earthmoving on the project consisted of 670,000 bank cubic yards (bcy) of stockpiled overburden removed and placed at a new dumpsite. 1.2 million bcy of overburden rock will be drilled, blasted and hauled to construct a new road for accessing the dumpsite.



R&K Excavation was awarded the contract to perform site grading and utility installation for the new Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Hannibal, Missouri, from Weis Builders. R&K Excavation will clear, grub and grind in excess of three acres. Excavation, placement and compaction of more than 147,450 cubic yards of material is needed to construct the building pad, parking lot and street access. Utility installation of over 6,320 linear feet of storm, sanitary sewer and water main pipe will be located on the project site. We will also install 4,245 linear feet of silt fence for erosion control.

Selma Village Business Park


Selma Village Business Park was built at the southeast corner of I-55 and Hwy. 61 in Missouri. R&K Excavation completed 17.5 acres of clearing, grubbing and grinding. This project will also include over 341,000 cubic yards of rock blasting and excavation of over 425,000 cubic yards of material.

Troop C Highway Patrol Headquarters

Weldon Springs, MO

R&K Excavation completed the clearing, grubbing and grinding of tree lines along project edges. Site work included excavation, placement and compaction of over 40,000 cubic yards completed on schedule. We completed the work under Brinkmann Constructors.

Buzzi Unicem - River Cement


R&K Excavation completed rock drilling and blasting for a new access road. Drilling and blasting of over 25,000 cubic yards of rock was completed with the main road still in use.

Ameren UE - Joachim Substation


R&K Excavation is in full excavation of pad and site work for the new substation for Ameren UE. This project requires the excavation, placement and compaction of over 80,000 cubic yards of material. Work is being completed for general contractor McGrath & Associates.

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