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If you are interested in being a part of R&K, please take some time to fill out the form below.  Even when we are not hiring, we are keeping track of applicants for any future opportunities.

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Union Trades

R&K Excavation employs union operators and laborers, and carpenters. If you would like to join R&K but are currently not enrolled in a union, we can guide you through the sign-up process and jump start your career. Our union employees also earn excellent pay and benefits through their respective union benefit programs. We are signatory to the following programs: Operating Engineers Local 513 and Laborers Local 110

Administrative Positions

We are looking for dedicated individuals who want to build their futures and careers at R&K. We work together to set goals and provide you the tools to achieve and build upon that. We currently employ project managers/estimators, project administrators, accounting and human resource professionals, safety professionals, and administrative assistants. R&K offers our administrative staff competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package.


Internships allow you to gain firsthand experience and knowledge of a career in the construction field. We have many opportunities –  we have the ability to create the appropriate path for your learning desires.

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Filling out this form and sharing your information is all voluntary.  Completing this form does not ensure employment, but  helps us to get to know potential employees more quickly than a stand alone resume.

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