The crews at R&K Excavation are participating in the Marion Cemetery Gravesite Expansion as the site’s excavation contractor and crypt installer.  The cemetery dates to the Civil War and has areas of historic significance.  The excavation plan had to be modified to save several historical trees.  The 5-acre footprint first had to have sanitary and storm sewer pipes relocated and new pipes installed.  Next, the site was excavated and the underdrain system was installed and connected to the newly constructed storm sewer. Crypt delivery was coordinated to coincide with placement production.  String lines and laser graded equipment were used to align the crypts into sections. Crypts were set on the open graded stone and underdrain system and backfilled with pea gravel, clay and topsoil. R&K Excavation also excavated for the columbarium subcontractor, placed the foundation drain, and backfilled after construction.